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Re: Pointing at a window.

> Is there any way to click in an unselected window without
> causing that window to become the selected window?  I have an
> application that displays stuff in several windows.  The user can
> interact with the displayed stuff using the mouse to point at things,
> mark regions, etc.  However, there's no reason to ever make the window
> clicked on be the selected window.  It just causes confusion.
> This is a problem with my point-at-a-window function above.  Clicking
> on the window to choose it, also selects it.

Have you tried shadowing WINDOW-SELECT?

	(defobject *unselectable-window* *window*)
	(defobfun (window-select *unselectable-window*) ()

You could also have your WINDOW-SELECT set a global variable to record
which window was clicked on.  That will let you keep track of which
window the user pointed at (relating to your first question, not quoted

However, I think you're trying to solve the wrong problem.  There's a
window variable called WINDOW-DO-FIRST-CLICK.  It eliminates the
confusion of having your first click "eaten" by window select.  I always
set this to be true for any non-document-type window classes.

Not to pick on Kevin, but: The MACL interface to the window system is
full-featured (more or less) and quite flexible.  IMHO, with one or two
exceptions, if you find yourself calling traps directly in your
interface code, you're probably doing something wrong.