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Re: Mac Identifier

   This question isn't only applicable to MACL...

   Is there any unique identifier for each Macintosh (like a serial
   number) that I can get at from a program?  I'd like my program to be
   able to determine what machine `instance' it is running on.

CLtL (2e), page 706:
machine-instance					[Function]
A string is returned that identifies the particular instance of computer
hardware on which Common Lisp is running; this might be a local nickname,
for example, or a serial number. Examples: "MIT-MC", "CMU GP-VAX".

However, MACL doesn't seem to use this to return serial numbers. This is 
where I'd expect it to be, if anywhere. I've seen "About <foo> ..." Apple
menu picks that display the Mac's serial number, so it should be
accessible somehow. You might have to write C code and use the foreign
function interface to get at it, though.