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Request for info on a grapher program within MACL

Hi all: 

I'm forwarding this request from the comp.lang.lisp bboard on USENET. 
Please respond back to the originator of this message; I'm just forwarding
it for him. 

Charlie S. Lindahl
Automation and Robotics Research Institute
University of Texas at Arlington
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To: ron@clarity.princeton.edu
Subject: Re: Looking for grapher (Mac)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
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In article <RON.90May16115550@clarity.princeton.edu> you write:
>  I am looking for a grapher for Allegro Common Lisp on the Mac. It doesn't
>have to be fancy, we only want it to display trees in a nice way, by
>specifying the "children" function.
>  Any information on how or where I could get a grapher, would be appreciated.
>  Thanks,