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Hooking a Tablet to Mac2

I have Coral's Allegro Common Lisp (ACL) running on my Mac2 and I would like to 
hook up a tablet so I can read the stylus positions into the ACL environment
and process them with an ACL program.  The tablet I am interested in is the 
Kurta tablet.  No mention is made in my ACL manual about communicating with 
such devices.  I also have Microsoft Basic (MB) and that manual is quite clear
about how to read data from a com port on the Mac.  No software comes with the
Kurta tablets.  Can you give me some info on what to do, or put me in touch 
with someone who has encountered this situation and dealt with it successfully?
How about a simple ACL program for a driver loop to read stylus positions and
load them into an ACL array, while plotting the points as well?

Thanks-		Tom Goblick
		Tel.(617) 981-7214