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Dear Sir/Madam,
            _RE: MACL and CLOS_
 I am a registered MACL user, I purchased it when it was "Allegro" ie. even
before Apple purchased it.
 I am currently planning a project here at the University of Adelaide which
deals with Computer Aided Learning in Medicine, I would like to prototype and
hopefully implement the system in Lisp and in particularly an OOPS
 I know that MACL uses Object Lisp but documentation states that this is an
interim solution until CLOS is implemented, and that Object Lisp is not
optimized for heavy duty use.
 I really like the MACL environment and I am keen to use it for the project,
could you please tell me if and when CLOS will be implemented (ie. when may we
see version 2.0 released)? Will Object Lisp be removed from future versions?
Will MACL come with Mac interface support in CLOS ie. a MacApp or TCL
 Thank you in advance for information concerning the future of MACL. We are
hoping to start prototyping soon, and I do not want to invest heavily in
Object Lisp unecessarily. I have heard good things about Procyon CL, which has
CLOS inbuilt, but I prefer to upgrade than to purchase a whole new [expensive]
 Yours sincerely,
 Malcolm Pradhan, M.B.,B.S.
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