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Extent of LOOP in MACL?

I'm interested in the extent of the features available in the LOOP
macro for MACL 1.3.  Is the extended loop macro available?  Is it part
of the distributed code?  I know I've (once upon a time) seen a public
domain version of the extended LOOP macro, has anybody had any
experience using it under MACL?

I am porting a 2MB program that was developed on Symbolics to the Mac.
We had attempted to keep as much of the program in Common Lisp as
possible.  But Steele II says (p 709)
  "X3J13 voted ... to adopt an extended definition of the loop macro
as part of the forthcoming draft Common Lisp standard."  Which we took
to mean that the extended LOOP is part of the standard, but I guess
not yet.

I'm new to this group; if this has been recently discussed, could
somebody direct me to the archives?

David Throop
CS dept
University of Texas at Austin