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system bomb problem

I am having a problem with Allegro Lisp 1.3.2 (the latest version).  I
get a system bomb when I do the following:

Start up Allegro with init2.lisp as my init.lisp (it reads in AID).
Choose "Design Dialogs"
Go to another application (e.g. Hypercard)
quit Hypercard
<here is where a system bomb occurs>

The system bomb doesn't occur if I am not in "Design Dialogs" mode.

A friend on another Mac also got this so it isn't specific to my
machine but may be specific to our system, network files, ????  Can
someone else try this out and mail me so we can try to track down the
problem?  We are running 6.0.4 on color Macs (IIX,IICI) with a bunch
of inits.

-Thanks, david