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1.3.2 i-search weirdness

First, I'd like to thank the MACL hackers for the increased
responsiveness and type ahead fixes.  They are much appreciated.

I think I have discovered a new bug, however.  If you restart an
i-search with C-s C-s, and the cursor is currently directly in front
of an instance of the search string it will skip that instance.

I discovered this bug in a slightly different context that maybe makes
a little more sense.  I was trying to replace most occurrances of the
character '{' with the character '('.  Since query-replace isn't
included in Fred (suggestion suggestion suggestion), I put the string
"(" in the clipboard.  I then searched for the string "{".  Whenever I
wished to replace one of the ('s I would paste in the "{" with F4 (the
paste key on extended keyboards).  The problem arose when there were
two ('s in a row that I wished to replace.

An interesting side note.  Command-V and the menu item Paste do not do
the same thing!  Within an i-search command-V completely aborts the
i-search.  The Paste menu item, on the other hand, inserts the text
and remains in the search so that the next C-s takes you to the 'next'
instance.  Both of them skip the next pattern if it is immediately
after the newly pasted text.

Nathan Wilson
Teleos Research