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Memory Management (fwd)

   > From hughes@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu Wed Jun  6 11:18:00 1990
   > On page 190 of the 1.3.1 manual it talks about MACL 
   > dynamically reallocating the Mac heap as needed. This
   > is normally a very nice feature however I have run
   > into a situation where this is now annoying.  I
   > wish to builds lots of little pixmaps.  At a certain
   > point I reach the boundary of the preallocated
   > Mac heap and now everytime my program allocates
   > memory for a small pixmap it GCs as it dynamically
   > reallocates the heap. Net result: an exceedingly
   > long time to create all the pixmaps even though
   > *overall* I have plenty of MACL memory.  Is there
   > some way in which I can cause the default mac heap
   > size (associated with MACL) to be larger? 
   >    Thanks in advance for you help,
   >          Lucian Hughes

Allocate a BIG pointer with _NewPtr.  This should be as big as
all your pixmaps put together.  Allocating this will cause a GC
and a heap boundary shift.  Then deallocate the pointer with
_DisposPtr.  Then go ahead and allocate pixmaps.