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Shadowing WINDOW-SHOW with dialog boxes in 1.3.2

I'm converting some code from MACL 1.2.2 to 1.3.2, and I'm having problems
shadowing the WINDOW-SHOW method for dialog boxes to set up initial text
strings, etc, such as:

     (defobfun (window-show *my-dialog*) ()
       (ask-named-item 'foo
          (set-dialog-item-text "bar")))

When the dialog appears, the FOO field is blank (""), instead of "BAR".
What am I doing wrong?  Is there philosophically a different way I
should be setting up text strings before dialogs appear (with views)?
I tried shadowing VIEW-DRAW-CONTENTS, which printed "BAR", but it was
called constantly, not just when the dialog appeared, resulting in a
flickering effect (Didn't seem like the right thing to do anyway).

Any ideas?

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