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Fred dialog items?

   Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 18:59:10 EDT
   From: cornell@unix1.cs.umass.edu (Matthew Cornell)

   I recall a while ago an Apple/Coral plan to include dialog items
   capable of multiple fonts/sizes like Fred windows. Does anyone have a
   hack to implement these?  Will they be in 2.0? When will we see 2.0?
   Is it dependent on system 7.0!?


2.0 has a FRED-DIALOG-ITEM class which looks just like 1.3's
*EDITABLE-TEXT-DIALOG-ITEM* except that it's based on a Fred buffer
instead of Macintosh text-edit.  2.0 uses FRED-DIALOG-ITEMS in all of
its dialogs (except the find-file dialog, where it can't).  I can
think of no easy way to hack this into 1.3.

I'm not allowed to talk about release dates.  Laura?

MACL 2.0 will run on Macintosh system software since (and including)
version 6.0.4.