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Re: consing

	Date: 28 Jun 90 16:35:36 PDT (Thursday)
	From: Michael_Travers.EuroPARC@Xerox.COM

	Why don't you advise GC so that it keeps a running total of
	the number of flushed conses?  There is an advise package
	available from MIT, but it's easy enough to kludge it for
	single functions. 

    I wasn't aware that GC returned any values, let alone the number of
    flushed conses. 

The idea was that you could use your function to count the conses present
before and after a GC, take the difference of that, and add the result to a
global count.  Then that number plus the current cons count would be the
total number of conses made.  I'm not sure if this will really work since I
don't know the characteristics of GC or your reporting function or what it
is that you are really trying to measure.

Creating advice may cons, but calling an advised function oughtn't,
especially when there are no arguments.

The MIT utilities aren't in a public space yet due to snafus, but you could
probably send mail to alanr@media-lab.media.mit.edu for a pointer.