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I am taking a video version of Abelson & Sussman's course at work, and have
come to really like Scheme.  In case others out there are in a similar boat,
there is a Pseudo-Scheme that implements Scheme in Common LISP, available
via anonymous FTP from zurich.ai.mit.edu.  There is a pseudo directory under

It appears to work... at least the simple stuff I could think of trying off
the top of my head.  It worked without any changes*, too, on MACL 1.3.2.

* I cavaet this line because I did run into one problem, wherein I edited
a file to fix an apparent error message, but by the time I got everything
working, I think I had changed the file back to its original state....
In other words, I twiddled a couple of things, not knowing what I was doing
and it works fine now.

Wayne Folta          (folta@cs.umd.edu