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IPC problems with MACL

-*- Mode: Text -*-

Hi there,

I got some time ago a version of IPC (Inter Process Communication) which
was supposed to allow communication between Lisp and hyperCard.
Unfortunately, there seems to be problems (at least with my version of
MACL).  Has anyone tried this stuff and had the same problem?  Can
anyone help?

Here is the error:

     Welcome to Macintosh Allegro Common Lisp 1.3.2!
     ;Loading "LaCaverne:Applications:MACL:IPC:IPC.Lisp"...
     > Error: Undefined function: WINDOW-RESUME-EVENT-HANDLER .
     > While executing: SYMBOL-FUNCTION
     > Type Command-/ to continue, Command-. to abort.
     1 >

Thanx in advance,

Vincent Keunen
Manex sc
Liege, Belgium