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:ostype, auto font lock, and 2.0 ?'s + thanks

   Date: Sat, 7 Jul 90 09:23:47 EDT
   From: cornell@unix1.cs.umass.edu (Matthew Cornell)

   1) I would like to use the :ostype keyword for stack trap calls but it
   needs "A four-character string or symbol with a four-character print
   name" (p185) and all I have is a symbol whose value is what I'd like
   to be passed. Any suggestions on how to make this work from a
   function (I think a macro wouldn't be too hard)? Thanks:

Matthew -
  the capability you describe isn't built into 1.3.  It will be
built into 2.0.
  Because of evaluation order requirements, it's actually very
difficult to write a macro that will do what you want robustly.
  Sorry 'bout that.