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Useful but undocumented dialog feature?

Hello. I need to know within a dialog's view-click-event-handler
whether an item was clicked or not. After some experimentation I found
the result of the clicked (actually, the _released_)
>dialog-item-action is returned by usual-view-click-event-handler or
nil if no item was clicked. Is this intentional? Can I depend on it in
the future? Did I miss the page documenting this in TFM? Thanks. The
following code snippet demonstrates this:

(defobject *dial* *dialog*)

(defobfun (view-click-event-handler *dial*) (point)
  (format t "~&usual-view-click-event-handler result: ~s"
          (usual-view-click-event-handler point)))

(oneof *dial* :dialog-items
       (list (oneof *button-dialog-item* :dialog-item-text "Button1"
                    :dialog-item-action '(values :button1))
             (oneof *button-dialog-item* :dialog-item-text "Button2"
                    :dialog-item-action '(values :button2))))

Matthew Cornell
Knowledge Communication Systems Group
Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Massachusetts/Amherst, MA 01002
(413) 256-6664[home] (413) 545-0639, -0582[office]