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post on comp.lang.lisp

Here's a copy of an article I recently posted on comp.lang.lisp. Most
either already work in MACL, or the modifications needed are minor.
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Subject: Portable Common Lisp Utilities
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Keywords: portable common-lisp tools

This post describes four portable utilities for Common Lisp which are
available by anonymous ftp from a.gp.cs.cmu.edu in the directory

All have been placed in the public domain and are distributed without
warranty of any kind.

defsystem.lisp		A portable system definition facility, similar
			to the Symbolics system construction tool.
			Documentation is in defsystem.ps.

logical-pathnames.lisp	A portable implementation of the X3J13 June
			1989 specification for logical pathnames, as
			documented in Guy Steele CLtL2, section 23.1.5.

metering.lisp		A portable code profiling tool, for gathering
			timing and consing statistics while a program
			is running. This is a combination of the Monitor
			package written by Chris McConnell and the
			Profile package written by Skef Wholey and
			Rob MacLachlan, with a few extensions.
			Documentation is in the first few pages.

xref.lisp		A portable cross referencing tool for determining
			callers of functions and variables, and for 
			maping out the structure of a program. Similar
			to Symbolics Who-Calls and Xerox Masterscope.
			Includes an interface to Joe Bates' Postscript
			graphing tool (psgraph.lisp).

Please send bug reports, comments, and suggestions to mkant@cs.cmu.edu.

Also, if you'd like to receive future notification of updates,
bug-fixes, and new utilities, send email to mkant@cs.cmu.edu.