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Re: IPC problems with MACL


I tried but cannot put the IPC code on the server via FTP.
I am working on a MacIvory machine that is connected to a sun server.
That server is the only one to have a modem.  And actually, it is not
connected to any network but...  There is also an ibm 3090 at our
university which is on EARN/BITNET from which there are ways to access
other networks via MAIL.  Fortunately, there is one machine on BITNET
that accepts ftp commands via mail and executes them for me (bitftp@pucc).

So all happy that I was, I took the IPC code from my mac, transferred it
to the Ivory, from which I sent it on the server sun, dialed the # of the
ibm, used kermit to transfer the code on the ibm filesystem.  All that to
notice that the bitftp doesn't allow the ftp "put" command....

This is to explain my delay in answering!

So, I will send you the code and ask you to put it on the server for me.
I hope this is ok.

Thank you in advance

(you will receive the code in 2 other mail files - stuffed and binhexed)

Vincent Keunen
Manex sc
Liege Belgium