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   From: Brandon R. Brown(summer student-90) <brandon@ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov>

   Hi.  I'm trying to use "grapher.lisp" (macl 1.3.2) for my own warped
   purposes.  However, I have not been able to divine how the grapher
   accesses/reads the material it graphs.  Moreover, I can't find the
   said material at all.  It only seems to exist when I run the grapher.
   Let me mention that I'm still a bit of a novice if that isn't clear
   already.  Has anyone used this grapher who might have some helpful
   advice?  Thanks in advance

The operations on browsers are defined as object functions.
That means they are not defined globally, but only inside

Before you can specialize the browser, you'll need some familiarity
with Object Lisp.  I'd suggest you check out chapter three of the