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AppleEvents Servers and Mul

REGARDING                AppleEvents Servers and Multithreading
Howdy, folks.

As some of you probably already know, I'm working on AppleEvents code.  In
particular, I'm planning on writing a kind of server.  Ultimately it will be
written in C++, but I'd like to do a lot of prototyping in MACL.

I have the ability to support multiple threads of execution in C++ (or C, or
Pascal, for that matter) but I obviously lack such a capability for MACL.

Obviously some sort of at least lightweight mechanism is already in place#209#the
Event system, WITHOUT-INTERRUPTS, etc. are the surface-level vestiges that we
MACL users see.

Is there any way to (hopefully fairly easily) support a fairly complete set of
multiple threads in MACL?  That is to say, all threads should be on an equal
footing: they should all be able to call Toolbox/OS traps, call foreign
functions, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!