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saving all LOADed files...

   From: cornell@unix1.cs.umass.edu (Matthew Cornell)

   1) I'm making a program that generates a "script" for my backup
   program (Redux) based on what files MACL loads. Well, I tried patching
   both load and open to save their argument on a list, but neither is
   called by require. What is the function I *can* patch to get the full
   filename of files?

In general, you can't count on patching any built-in functions,
espcially Common Lisp functions.  Calls to these functions are
likely to be coded directly, rather than going through the symbol.

To get the effect you want, you probably need to use your own
defsystem.  I believe there is one on the public directory here.

   2) Some of those filenames which *do* make it to my *loaded-files*
   list don't have an extension (i.e. no ".lisp") so I need to invoke the
   default MACL pathname "lispifier", which is smart about whether to add
   .fasl, .lisp or nothing. [You see this behavior when you do (ed
   "init"), for example]. What is the function to use?
   Expand-logical-pathname isn't it.

I don't think this behavior is canonicalized in a function.  Rather,
it is done by two variables, *.lisp-pathname* and *.fasl-pathname*,
if my memory serves me properly.