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frustration: dialog-tables, views

Is there a known bug w/ dialog-tables in MACL 1.3.1?  I can't
seem to get them the right size.  They are usually too small,
sometimes so small as to be nonexistent.  I have also been
unable to get horizontal tables.  If someone has any small
chunks of sample code he can send me...

I have also been frustrated by views.  I would have thought
that graphics commands would be defined directly for views,
such as

   (ask my-view
	(move-to #@(50 50))
	(line #@(10 0)) ...)

Instead I get "undefined function move-to".  My kludge looks
something like this:

   (ask view
	(let ((pos (view-position)))
	  (ask (window)
	    (move-to (add-points pos #@(50 50)))

Ugly, isn't it?