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Pathname Trouble

   From: powsner@nlm.nih.gov (Seth M Powsner)

   Having trouble accessing files on an ISO 9660 CD-Rom (on an Apple drive).
   The CD mounts fine. No trouble evident in FINDER or using
      (choose-file-dialog)    which returns

I think your problem is not related to the CD.  It's the fact that
there is a semi-colon in the pathname, which MACL is intprepreting
(incorrectly) as a logical pathname when it tries to open the file.

This is a bug.  It'll be fixed in the next version, but I can't
find a workaround right now.  (One should be able to escape the
semi-colon, to have it treated as a literal, but that doesn't
work in 1.3.)

I'm sorry for the problem.