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FRED evaluation/parenthesis bug

The characters | in the following code fragment confuse FRED immensely.  When
FRED counts backwards from a parenthesis to find its match, | in a comment
counts as a ).  Forward parenthesis matching is no problem.
This is all minor compared to the problem of trying to evaluate the buffer.
That counts the | as ) also.

              (when (not (= link-code 142))                  ;bump last :context link
                (format stream "~A~%" link-code)             ;if it's in the 4th place
                (format stream "Q: ~A~%" question)           ;          |
                (if (string-equal "" author)                 ;          |
                  (format stream "Answer:~%")                ;          v
                  (format stream "~A~%" author)
                (format stream "~A~%" (sv destination title))
                (format stream "~A~%" inverse-link-code)
                (format stream "~A~%" destination-position)

              (when (and (not up-link-done-p)                ;put up-link in its place