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Pathname Trouble Revisited

We've had pathname problems similar to those reported recently, but
caused, I suspect, by a somewhat different problem.  We are using a Sun
as a file server over an ethernet connection with a Gator box to do file
translation.  We have discovered that MACL has problems with files that
are not at the top level on the server.  As with previous pathname
problems, we can do a (choose-file-dialog) that returns
#P"asparagus-shared:Applications:Lisp 1.3.2:Allegro Help" (as an
example) but (probe-file (choose-file-dialog)) on the same file returns
nil.  This happens for any file that is not directly on
asparagus-shared.  No other application has this problem; Word 4.0, for
example, accesses everything with no problems.  This doesn't look like
an embedded semi-colon problem like the previously reported pathname
problem.  Is there an explanation for this one?
   Paul Krueger (plkrueger@serc.3m.com)