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This is probably not the right place to ask this question, but I can't
tell where else to put it. At least it gets three out of four:
"Macintosh" and "Common Lisp" (even if not "Allegro").

I've been trying to build AKCL for A/UX 2.0. I found a tarfile
aux-akcl.tar.Z on cambridge.apple.com a little while ago, which seemed
to have the aux-specific files necessary to do this. Unfortunately,
there's no information about whose work it was, and I can't find the
file anymore.

I'm having trouble getting akcl to build, though I seem to be getting
closer and closer. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone else who's
worked on this, especially (a) anyone who succeeded; and (b) the
person whose work is represented by aux-akcl.tar.Z.

Steve Anderson
Cognitive Science Center
The Johns Hopkins University