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MACL 1.3 talk at MacWorld Expo

I'll be giving a talk on MACL 1.3 at the MacWorld Expo.

Date:  Thursday, Aug 9
Time:  12:00-1:00
Place: Back Bay Complex, World Trade Center

It costs money to get into the expo, but then I'm pretty sure my
talk is free.

I won't be showing any new features, but I will do my best to
get the Macintosh and MACL to jump through hoops.  The talk will
be about 30-45 minutes, followed by an informal question and
answer session.

That afternoon I'll be demoing MACL at one of the Apple Booths
in the World Trade Center from 2-6.  (Other people will be demoing
MACL there at other points during MacWorld.)

Hope to see some of you face to face!