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Object Logo now available!

Great news!  On August 8th, Apple sold the rights to Object Logo to Paradigm
Software in Cambridge, MA.  Object Logo v.2.5 is now available directly from
You'll find Paradigm's phone number and address in the press release below.
You can also reach them via applelink at PARADIGM, and via internet at
Laura Hamersley
Lisp Product Marketing Manager
Apple Computer
Paradigm Software Incorporated
(617) 576-7675
CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts -- August 8, 1990 -- Paradigm Software Inc. announced
today a new version of Object Logo(tm) for Macintosh(r) computers. Object Logo is an
advanced object-oriented implementation of Logo, the popular educational
programming language used in primary and secondary schools around the world.
Object Logo Version 2.5 adds support for 32-bit QuickDraw and other new
Macintosh interface features.
Coral Software originally developed Object Logo for Macintosh computers and
introduced it in 1987.  In January, 1989, the company's assets were acquired by
Apple Computer, Inc.  Now Apple has entered into an agreement with Paradigm
whereby Paradigm will be responsible for the future development, marketing, and
support  of Object Logo.
"Object Logo is a great programming environment, and we are very pleased to
release a new version to Logo enthusiasts in general and to the Macintosh
community in particular," stated Hazem Sayed, Ph.D., founder and President of
Paradigm Software.  He added, "We will support Object Logo's installed base,
and we have ambitious plans for developing the product and keeping it abreast
of advances in Macintosh hardware and system software."
"With more and more educators choosing the Macintosh for classroom use, it's
good to know that an object-oriented version of the Logo language, which is so
important to computer science literacy and problem solving curricula, will now
be available on the Macintosh," said Steve Scheier, director of K-12 education
marketing for Apple Computer, Inc..
"We're pleased to find a good home for Object Logo and we look forward to
seeing new versions from Paradigm over the coming years," said David Eyes,
Manager of Development Tools Product Marketing at Apple Computer, Inc. "We've
worked closely with Paradigm in the past and we know they have the expertise to
vitalize Object Logo and market it effectively around the world."
Object Logo is a synthesis of the Logo philosophy of "no threshold and no
ceiling" and the object-oriented programming paradigm.  It provides an
accessible entry point to general programming as well as an accessible entry
point to the development and maintenance  of complex applications.  Many Logo
features such as Turtles and Editors, as well as Macintosh features such as
windows and menus, are implemented as objects that can be easily used and
Object Logo 2.5 carries a retail price of $149.00.  Owners of earlier versions
of Object Logo can upgrade to version 2.5 for $55.  Lab packs and site licenses
will also be available.
Paradigm Software, founded in 1987 and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts,
specializes in the development of innovative Macintosh-based educational and
business products for the international market.  Its other products include
Verbum, the first compiled Arabic programming language.
Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple
Computer, Inc. Object Logo is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. licensed to
Paradigm Software Incorporated.
The Paradigm logo and Verbum are trademarks of Paradigm Software Incorporated.