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Appreciate help:*editable-text-dialog-item* handles

   From: cornell@unix1.cs.umass.edu (Matthew Cornell)

   However, what's stored in the dialog-item-handle is *not* a TERec
   handle (don't try to inspect it one a Mac+ as one!) but a 4 byte
   handle to something.However, the window's ccl::current-text instance
   variable *is* what I want.

There is only one TERec per dialog.  This is shared by all the editable
text dialog items.  Whichever one is the 'current-editable-text' gets
to use the TERec.

The TERec is stored in the TE-HANDLE instance variable in the dialog.
The DIALOG-ITEM-HANDLE of editable-text-items is a handle to a block
of raw text.  When an editable-text-item is made current, its
dialog-item-handle is stored on the TERec's TERec.hText field.  The
line-height, font-ascent, view-rect, and dest-rect of the TERec also
need to be adjusted.