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set-current-editable-text nil

   From: Richard Lynch <lynch@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu>

   How come I can't do this?  More specifically, how can I force this to
   happen... I want to put the window back to its original state where
   NO text was the current-editable-text.  This is obviously a valid
   state, but (SET-CURRENT-EDITABLE-TEXT NIL) gives an error message
   that NIL is not a valid argument.

I think in the Macintosh user interface, it's not a valid state.  If you
have a dialog with a bunch of editable text dialog items, one of them
will always recieve the typing.

There are several workarounds: disable or remove all the editable-text
items, or replace them all with static text items.  You could also just
block keystroke events (though that will still leave a blinking cursor).