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If you have time, I'd appreciate your answers to this questionnaire:

* In what ways is MACL superior to other CLs, MacScheme, other Schemes and 

* If you could change or add three things, what would they be?

* What do you use MACL for?

* Do you use the application builder?

* Do you use it for interactive (graphical, point-and-click) interfaces?
  If so, does the interface have a good response? For a "real" application
  would it be necessary to recode some or all of it in C or Pascal?

* If you've used MacScheme+Toolkit, and have still more time to indulge me, please
  answer the previous questions with respect to that product.

Patrick Logan, uunet!mntgfx!plogan
Mentor Graphics Corp. 8500 SW Creekside, Beaverton, Oregon 97005-7191