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Is defobfun broken?

The documentation for menu updates in 1.3 says (page 85):
     The update routine is very simple: the object function menu-update is
     run in every installed menu.  The default version of menu-update runs
     menu-item-update on each of its menu items.  You can install update
     behavior for a menu or menu item by defining special versions of
     menu-update or menu-item-update.

I'd like to install special update behavior for the "Code" menu which I'm
creating, so I [code included below] (1) create the menu, (2) ask it to
install itself, (3) define the update function (simplified here to simply
ed-beep), and finally (4) either defobfun or ask it to fhave
code-update-function as its menu-update function.  However, now every menu
beeps when I click in the menu bar.  When I inspect other menus, only
*code-window-menu* has a binding for menu-update, but they all have the
same behavior?  Similarly, when I reset the menu-update function for
*code-window-menu* to usual-menu-update, everything goes back to normal.
What's going on?



;;; -*- Package: User; Language: Lisp; Syntax: Common-Lisp -*-

(in-package 'user)

(setq *code-window-menu* (oneof *menu* :menu-title "Code"))
(ask *code-window-menu* (menu-install))
(defun code-update-function ()
;(defobfun (menu-update *code-window-menu*) ()
;  (code-update-function)
(ask *code-window-menu*
  (fhave 'menu-update #'code-update-function))

(defobfun (menu-update *code-window-menu*) ()