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CONTRIB: matts-utils

Howdy. Well, I think the utilities I've just finished are ready for
public consumption. I've uploaded:

  -rw-r--r--  1 cornell     78065 Aug 22 16:18 matt's-utils.sit.hqx
  -rw-r--r--  1 cornell      6876 Aug 22 16:18 matts-utils.doc

See the .doc file for complete info but the archive consists of these files:

-> ccl;library:resources.lisp
-> ccl;library:quickdraw-additions.Lisp
-> ccl;Utility:new-mouse-yank.lisp
-> ccl;Utility:Compare-Windows.Lisp

and a set of files which define some new dialog items which:

- add most additional Text Edit features MACL's missing as nice error-checked
- add new classes of static and editable _Styled_ text dialog items (i.e.
    multiple fonts, sizes, and faces within a single dialog item)
- add vertical scrolling to MACL's text dialog items and to my styled items