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an object browser contributed

i've placed a copy of some code that functions as an object browser in
the CONTRIB directory of cambridge.apple.com as browser0.5b2.sit.hqx. 
it's a browser for objects in macl object lisp, it doesn't work with any
other object system (yet).  a few people have expressed interest, so i
thought it would be worth making publicly available.  it has a few
reasonably useful features, though it's not a polished tool.  i'm still
giving it a beta designation since i'm pretty much the only one i know
who uses it extensively.  it requires some of the example code, notably
the grapher, though it might clash with you if you make much use of that
code.  the readme file and the help key menu are the only documentation.
 also, it comes with some pop up menu code that i think is more
generally useful.  hope it helps someone...


ps  i hope it's okay to just upload stuff like that, there was no readme
file there so i assumed it was a public exchange site.