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what the @#***!!

I just spent a day fooling around with some code that extended
a *view*'s size and position capabilities.  It failed badly,
and after copious research, I find that the reason is that
set-view-position calls set-view-container, twice!

Anybody wanna comment on why it does that?  Sure was a surprise!

Does anyone else out there, working with ACL, feel like a partical
physicist?  Trying to deduce the internal structure of a group
of objects by watching how they act under various conditions?
Why, oh why, can we not have the source code (as we do with MacApp)
for the damn *view*/*window*/*dialog* system?  Documentation
will never be as trustworthy and complete as code.  The usefulness
of the system would be hugely increased if trying to use it
weren't an extended guessing game.


Blake Meike