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RE: Source code for ACL

>I think Blake has raised a good point and a valid question.  Maybe the
>community voice should be heard on this issue.

>Having lots of sample/reference code available has always been one of
>the reasons why lisp machines have been very productive environments.
>Customizability of the environment would be greatly increased,
>especially when this stuff is implemented in CLOS (MACL 2.0)!

>If there are concerns that the amount of code would be excessive for
>many users, why not at least make the code available separately, in
>disk only and paper only versions (again, like MacApp).

>George Williams

I strongly second George's point about providing source code (as much as
possible, particularly the low-level stuff) for ACL. Having come from a LISP
machine environment, having source code served at least two benefits: 

1) The low-level bit-hackers could see and understand how things work, and
2) The user community could fix problems they encounter, or suggest or 
   implement more efficient ways of doing things. Furthermore, extensions
   to the existing product could be done by third-party developers, and hence
   encourage and stimulate state-of-the-art improvements.

ACL developers (or managers or APDA): please consider including source
code in MACL 2.0! And keep up the good work! 

Charlie S. Lindahl
Automation and Robotics Research Institute
University of Texas at Arlington
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