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Source code second thoughts...

On the other hand, source code is HARD to read, and I daresay some of it is
not even in anything resembling a high-level language.
I guess I want source code AND documention of source code AND fuller/morte
documentation of what is there.
I've sometimes noted that the functions one would expect to be called aren't.
For example, the scroll bars of a sequence DON'T call scroll-to-cell.  Thus
I can't shadow scroll-to-cell and expect a sequence dialog-item to 'behave'
reliably because it can scroll to a cell without calling scroll-to-cell.
Anyway, if this had been in the documentation I would have been less upset 
about it not working 'the way it should' IMHO.
BTW, whenever CLOS shows up, PLEASE make *editable-dialog-item* a mixin class
rather than assuming that only text editing is possible.  I'd love to code
an *editable-pict-dialog-item*, *editable-icon-dialog-item*,
*editable-sequence-dialog-item*.  I *HAVE* to code the last and it's pretty
obvious after doing so that editableness and being the 'current' dialog-item
are not the sole purvue of text.
P.S.  I'm not talking about editing the text withing the cells, but cut and
paste of selected cells from/to different sequences...sorta like DA mover but
using cut/paste.
P.P.S.  Thanks for the help on the Function code too large error everyone!