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IS there a usual-XXX function ?

   Date: Thu, 30 Aug 90 11:55:27 CDT
   From: Richard Lynch <lynch@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu>

   I'm at a point in a complex object hierarchy where I want to know if there
   IS a real usual-cut function for any of the ancestors.  Will (fhavep 'usual-cut)
   tell me anything? or do I have to go through the ancestor hierarchy manually
   to find a (fhavep 'cut) or not ?

There is no FHAVEP (to my knowledge).

FBOUNDP will tell you if there is an accessible binding in the current
object, or any of it's ancestors, down to the root (global) environment.

FOWNP will tell you if the current object has its own binding for the
function.  It doesn't search ancestors.