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new mailing list

We have just created a new mailing list for announcements from Apple
about MACL.  It will contain information on new releases, tech notes,
bug fixes, etc.  The mailing list is:


The idea is that announce-macl will be *much* lower volume than
info-macl.  So people who don't want to hear all the latest bugs,
hacks and quips can remove themselves from info-macl and add
themselves to announce-macl.

Only people inside Apple will (or should) post to announce-macl.
Discussion will still take place on info-macl.

IMPORTANT: everyone on info-macl is automatically on announce-macl.
You don't need to request being placed on announce-macl.  On the other
hand, if you want your name removed from info-macl and placed on
announce-macl instead, you should send a request to
announce-macl-request@cambridge.apple.com or