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Event troubles?

Am I losing my mind, or what is going on here?
I am having significant troubles getting the MACL window event handlers to
work.  What am I doing wrong?

I boot 1.3.2.
;; I create a window.
(oneof *window*)

;; I try to modify the window-select-event-handler:
(defobfun (window-select-event-handler *window*) ()

;; Then nothing happens.  This completely disables my ability to select
;; windows with the mouse.  So I think, oh shit, better redefine it:
(defobfun (window-select-event-handler *window*) ()

;; And still window selection with the mouse fails to work.  The only way
;; that I can get it to work again is by loading the traps and doing:
(defobfun (window-select-event-handler *window*) ()
  (_SelectWindow :long <ptr to window>))

;; So, I try the same thing with the window-key-up-event-handler.
(defobfun (window-key-up-event-handler *window*) ()

;; NOTHING HAPPENS.  No beep when keys come up in any windows.

What am I doing wrong, or what is wrong with 1.3.2?  I _need_ to have
this functionality.