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edit-definition from backtrace

On the rare occasion that I hit an error :-), I often want
to be able to jump directly from the backtrace stack to a
function definition.  This requires
   1) double-clicking on the function to get a window 
with data on that function
   2) double-clicking on "Edit definition"

This would seem to be a common enough sequence that there
should be a shortcut.  Clicking on the function and pressing
Option-. would seem to be a natural shortcut, but it doesn't

If a shortcut exists, a friendly pointer to it would be, well,
friendly. :-) If one does not exist, let me now petition for
this capability in a future version of MACL.


--Tom (mcdougal@cs.uchicago.edu)

	1861, Fundamentalists go ape
	over Darwin's theory.