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Re: Timing profile tools

        Description:    A portable code profiling tool, for gathering
                        timing and consing statistics while a program
                        is running.
                        This is a combination of the Monitor
                        package written by Chris McConnell and the
                        Profile package written by Skef Wholey and
                        Rob MacLachlan, with a few extensions.
        Authors:        Mark Kantrowitz; mkant@cs.cmu.edu,
                        Chris McConnell, Skef Wholey, Rob MacLachlan.
        File:           metering.lisp
        Documentation:  Dmentation is in the first few pages.
        Runs in:        Any valid Common Lisp. Three (optional)
                        implementation dependent changes.

Other goodies in the same directory. When ftp'ing, cd to /usr/mkant/Public
in one fell swoop, since you don't have access to intermediate directories.