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Re: edit-definition from backtrace

   On the rare occasion that I hit an error :-), I often want
   to be able to jump directly from the backtrace stack to a
   function definition.  This requires
      1) double-clicking on the function to get a window 
   with data on that function
      2) double-clicking on "Edit definition"

   This would seem to be a common enough sequence that there
   should be a shortcut.  Clicking on the function and pressing
   Option-. would seem to be a natural shortcut, but it doesn't

   If a shortcut exists, a friendly pointer to it would be, well,
   friendly. :-) If one does not exist, let me now petition for
   this capability in a future version of MACL.

The following will cause <option>-clicking on the top pane of the backtrace
dialog to edit the definition, if it can be found.  This feature will be
globally available in the new inspector for MACL 2.0.


(defobfun (view-click-event-handler ccl::*backtrace-dialog-class*) (where)
  (usual-view-click-event-handler where)
  (when (option-key-p)
    (let* ((frame-dialog (second (dialog-items)))
           (function (ask frame-dialog (objvar ccl::frame-lfun))))
      (when (functionp function)
        (edit-definition (function-name function))))))