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Re: backtrace patch

Ranson writes:
 > >> Here is a quick and dirty patch to make option-period...
 > I hope you DO consider it a dirty patch. MACL v1.x requires low-level
 > patches to work with non-US keyboards because of assumptions about
 > keyboard mapping (like your option-. = #\263). I really hope the top
 > item on the features list of 2.0 is "Full compatibility with foreign
 > systems and keyboards", with extensive testing.

I guess others will join me in thanking Jeremy Jones and Bill
St. Clair for their nifty patches (I haven't tried them yet,
since I just logged on, but they *look* nifty).  It is also
nice to hear that this will work in v. 2.0.  Thank you,
too, to Daniel Ranson for alerting an unsophisticated me to
this potential problem.  I use a Dvorak mapping and so #\263
probably won't be the right code.

I can fix this easily, of course, by changing the character
code from #\263 to whatever my keyboard generates.  But, can
somebody tell me how to find out what my keyboard generates?
The Dvorak keyboard puts the period where the E normally lies.
So my keystroke corresponds to Option-e (I need to call
disable-dead-keys for this to work well).

Thanks again for your help.

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