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Re: Other mailing lists

A few days ago Harold Lehmann <lehmann@sumex-aim.stanford.edu> wrote:

>  Could you direct me to mailing lists that discuss Common Lisp and Portable
>  Common Loops/CLOS?

Sorry for the delay in responding, but I've been following up on a few
leads I've had myself and hadn't acted upon yet.  Here's what I`ve

1.) There is a mailing list for all users of PCL operating out of
Xerox PARC:


To subscribe, send mail to:


2.) I have seen references to a set of Common Lisp mail lists
operating out of MCC, including the following:


If these are in fact mail lists, then the conventional way to
subscribe would be to send mail messages to:



I sent messages to both of these to subscribe.  After several days, I
finally recieved a message indicating I was on the Common-Lisp list.
Still no response from the CLOS list.

3.) Apparently, there are also some smaller mail lists for designers
of CL and CLOS:


4.) Another list which I have seen references to, and suspect is also
intended for designers of CL and CLOS is:


but getting into this one is probably not a good idea unless you are
deeply involved in the Common Lisp standardization process.

I'd appreciate leads/info on similar/related lists.

George Williams
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