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Re: Other mailing lists

    Date: 15 Sep 90 00:09:22 GMT
    From: george@huntsai (George Williams)

    3.) Apparently, there are also some smaller mail lists for designers
    of CL and CLOS:


The Common-lisp, Common-Lisp-Object-System, cl-windows, cl-cleanup, and
x3j13 lists were moved from sail.stanford.edu to mcc.com.   Messages sent
to the sail.stanford.edu addresses get forwarded to mcc.com (assuming that
sail.stanford.edu hasn't already been decommissioned, which was what
necessitated the move, I believe).

    4.) Another list which I have seen references to, and suspect is also
    intended for designers of CL and CLOS is:


    but getting into this one is probably not a good idea unless you are
    deeply involved in the Common Lisp standardization process.

Yes, this is a mailing list for the subcommittee of X3J13 (ANSI Common Lisp
Committee) dealing with cleaning up existing proposals for ANSI CL.  I
don't think that non-X3J13 committee members are on the list.

The cl-windows@mcc.com list is for Common Lisp window system discussions.
X3J13@mcc.com is for discussions focussed on the Common Lisp ANSI
standardization.  Both of these are, I believe, open to any subscribers.

As always, use the "-request" address to subscribe.


Stephen L. Nicoud  <snicoud@atc.boeing.com>  uw-beaver!bcsaic!snicoud
Boeing Advanced Technology Center for Computer Sciences