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From the MACL Discussion area on AppleLink

Hello all,

I'm writing to request information of a beginners manual for MACL.  I have the
reference manual, but that isn't enough.  To quote a previous posting:
 >The Allegro manual is strictly a reference manual to the Allegro
 >implementation. From a beginner's perspective, this manual and Steele's book
 >are simply too dense an introduction to Lisp. The Pearl manual, on the other
 >hand, provides a number of chapters that summarize the major features of the
 >language, and from my novice's perpective, seems to be a very good overview
 >of the language as a whole in addition to the Pearl implementation. No
 >third-party book required (though they are helpful).

Hmmmmm. It seems that I'm missing at least one reference.  I totally concur
with this, in that it is very difficult for a beginner to get going with just a
reference manual.

Thanks in advance,
David Halonen, Center for Machine Intelligence, Electronic Data Systems
Ann Arbor, MI (313) 995-0900
AppleLink: N0548 or D5990  Internet: dave@cmi.com