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RE: Read PICT from file routines

Awhile back, I wrote some quick routines to read in and 
display PICT resources from an external file. I've seen a/some question(s)
about doing this, so I thot I'd post what I've got. 

They are still a little rough, but work OK for me. I developed them 
under Allegro CL 1.2.2. I've included some fairly basic documentation
in the source code. 

The routines: 

open-my-resourcefile   : Calls MAC ROM routine _OpenResFile
close-my-resourcefile  : Calls MAC ROM routine _CloseResFile
display-pict-from-file : Calls MAC ROM routine _GetPicture

I also redefine *my-window* to inherit from *graphics-window* so's I can
add a new slot to the object, for use in the WINDOW-DRAW-CONTENTS routine.

;; To use: 
;; 1) Find the name of a file containing a PICT resource.
;; 1) Determine the resource ID of the PICT to be read (via RESEDIT). 
;; 2) Create a window of type "*my-window*"
;; 3) Execute the function "display-pict-from-file".
;; Notes: 
;;    1. Run under Allegro CL 1.2.2. I haven't tried later releases.
;;    2. Must have preloaded *graphics-window* definitions. 

Hope this helps someone. I've posted the code at cambridge.apple.com
under pub/MACL/CONTRIB.  

Charlie S. Lindahl
Automation and Robotics Research Institute
University of Texas at Arlington
Internet EMAIL: lindahl@evax.arl.utexas.edu

Standard disclaimer: Ain't no opinion but my own.