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select-item-from-list busted in 1.3.2?

Hi --

I believe that the "select-item-from-list" turnkey dialog no longer
works as documented in Mac. Allegro CL 1.3.2.

In particular,

	(select-item-from-list '(a b c d) :selection-type :disjoint)

does not seem to allow disjoint selections.  Rather, :disjoint appears
to have become a synonym for :contiguous.  (I say "no longer works" and
"appears to  have become" because I seem to remember that in 1.2,
:disjoint selections worked OK.)

(Just to make sure we're speaking the same language, I think that a
:disjoint selection type should allow multiple elements to be selected
from the list, and these elements should NOT have to be adjacent to each
other, as is the  case with :contiguous.)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

-- Nick Kushmerick