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select-item-from-list busted in 1.3.2?

   From: Nicholas Kushmerick <nk09+@andrew.cmu.edu>

   In particular,

	   (select-item-from-list '(a b c d) :selection-type :disjoint)

   does not seem to allow disjoint selections.  Rather, :disjoint appears
   to have become a synonym for :contiguous.  (I say "no longer works" and
   "appears to  have become" because I seem to remember that in 1.2,
   :disjoint selections worked OK.)

This is a "feature" of the Macintosh user interface.  To get
a disjoint selection, you have to hold down the clover key.
If you hold down the shift key, you get a contiguous selection.
In this sense, the :disjoint option is a superset of the
:contiguous option.